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I might need some salt.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
10:35 pm
Lets imagine that there are no legal concerns. No financial concerns or threats that people would find out. Lets just say there's not even any ethical or moral concerns to worry about. Just as a hypothetical. Would you really eat a human being?

Remember though, this isn't a survival situation, just a completely guiltfree, no-strings-attached opportunity.
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
4:58 pm
I just realised I haven't seen many movies involving female cannibals. Or cannibalism at all really, except Silence of the Lambs and such. Does anyone know of any good movies related to cannibalism?
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
2:45 pm
How Belinda found inspiration
I wandered up and bit Belinda on the shoulder. The pale yellow flesh had a salty taste, she had been standing near some hot lights and a thin layer of perspiration had appeared on her skin. She turned and went "Hi David."

"Most people I bite react a bit more negatively than that, I am impressed."

"It's all right, I know you're not a cannibal."

"Oh really? How would you know that?"

She raised an eyebrow. "What, are you really?"

"I'd be worried if I were you. I haven't eaten in awhile."

"I don't think I'd be very tasty."

"No, no, you look edible enough." I grabbed her arm and nibbled on her skin. She looked unvomfortable at first, but then vaguely excited. I laughed at her.

"I'll buy you another drink" I said.

The party continued for a few hours, but then everyone began to leave. I cursed, my so-called friends had piked early for some rave out in the bush. Now I had no way of getting home. As I was standing in front of the club, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Belinda smiled at me. Maybe it was the red bull and vodka, but she looked hot. Long black hair, a cute friendly face, nice tits for a Chinese chick too.

"You need a lift home?"

"Sure, if you're offering."

As we drove home we began to talk about cannibalism again. She asked who out of our friends I would eat and how. I thought about Jill, how such a white little fangirl would look wrapped up in rice and seaweed. How Lisa was small enough to fit into my oven at home, covered in oil and honey. It was pretty tame though, but I'd always thought of Belinda as vaguely innocent and so kept most of my sexual interest in the matter closed, even laughing and agreeing when she began to make suggestions about our male friends, whom I wouldn't want to eat at all.

I don't know where the drink came from but I was beginning to feel light-headed. She asked me if I wanted to come back to her place for a bite to eat, and I agreed. She helped me walk up into her little apartment, somehow supporting my drunken bulk with her tiny but suprisingly strong Asian frame.

I sat on the couch and rested my head. She brought me another drink, of water or something. I couldn't believe how drunk I was, and I was afraid of saying or doing something terrible. I'd gotten in trouble before, and Belinda was a good old friend. But she seemed amused, and we talked for a little bit longer. Then it seemed to become something more.

I was initially reluctant, doubting my ability to judge circumstances in my impaired condition, and clinging to my assumption that we would always just remain friends. But she initiated it, and she seemed as into it as I was. She straddled me and I pulled off her top, massaging her breasts as she clawed her fingers into my hair and neck. She began to chew on my ear and then whispered to tell her how I wanted to eat her. I told her how I would drug her up and cover her in honey soy marinade, leave her to soak, how I'd cut holes in her living flesh to let the marinade sink into her flesh, how I'd clean out her insides and fill them with spices and garlic, how I'd shave her hair and keep it as a keepsake forever, how I'd stick a lychee in her mouth, how after a small amount of time warming in the oven I'd take her out while she was still alive and fuck her one last time, while chewing on a slice of ear or lip; then put her back in and turn the heat up. How she'd be so delicious, so succulent, so tender, so beautiful. The sweat from her body and my drunken imagination made the taste of her cooked flesh seem so real, and I came with the flavour on my tongue.

Then I became so very tired.

I woke and I was cold. It was dark and wet, and I could feel my body in bondage. I was confused, and tried to move but couldn't. There was a sweet smell all around me, overpowering, covering my entire body, leaving only my nostrils and eyes outside of it.

I heard a sound like tupperware opening and I saw her face. She smiled down at me. I couldn't say anything, when I opened my mouth the sweet stuff poured in and I almost choked. She didn't say anthing either, just poke a long, thin knife in her hand and began to do things to my flesh under the liquid that I couldn't feel or see. I began to smell the smell of blood mix in with the sweet smell of the liquid. But I was entirely numb.

She injected my with something, I couldn't see what, and it all went dark.

I awoke and it was light. I was in a kitchen, still bound, still wet with something. I could see how thin and tight string bound my feet and legs together, my hands tied cupped around my balls, my shoulders and arms tightly tied to my torso. I felt an uncomfortable feeling inside me, like I needed to move my bowls, but differently as well. My head felt cold, I was entirely shaved.

She came in now and smiled at me.

I found I could talk. "What are you doing?"

She giggled in the sweet way that she did, as if I'd made some clever little joke, just like back in high school. "Sorry David, but I guessed I was just hungry after that party. Your recipe ideas were sooooo good, I just had to try them. You were sleeping so quietly and sweetly, and you looked so delicious, I just had to try it."

"But...but that recipe was meant for you!"

She giggled again, and shook her head. "I couldn't very well cook and eat myself! You'll just have to be my substitute."

I opened my mouth to protest but she injected me with something and I felt numb and limp. She grinned and placed a lychee in my mouth, then another. My mouth was bigger than hers, I suppose. She took a ladle and poured some more of that sweet honey soy all over my body.

She then grinned at me wickedly and took my cock in her hand. She massaged it gently to erection, then took it in her slight, pretty Asian mouth and sucked. She gave a strange blowjob, licking and chewing in a way that should have been painful. I came in her mouth and she spat it into her hand and spread it all over my body. She giggled at my look of distaste, but then looked sorry and gave me a cute, forgive-me look. I smiled and she smiled too, bobbing her head to the side in a playful motion.

Then she opened the oven doors and pushed me inside.

The heat was overpowering. For a couple of hours, I felt the temperature begin to eat at my skin, and felt myself begin to cook. I sweated, but the sweat boiled and sizzled.

She took me out every now and then to baste me with honey soy, and give me a handjob, though she had to do it with a glove. Then, the third time she looked sad as she prepared to put me back in the oven.

"Bye bye David. I'm going to leave you in there until you're ready now. Love you."

She took a knife and sliced off one of my ears and chewed on it. She smiled so sweetly, and then kissed me lightly on my cracked, cooked lips. With an expression so sad, but excited and hungry too, she pushed me back into the oven.

I was delicious.


Ni hao!

Here is my story about my friend David! I tried to write it from his point of view, he was so CUTE!!! ^_^ OMG I still have some of him in my freezer!!! o_o" If anyone who lives near me wants some whiteboy, I gots lots! I am sad he is gone, he was a good friend. x_x But he was soooooo yummy, if I'd known he would've been that good I would have eaten him back in high school!

OK Thanks for reading!!!! If anyone else comes for dinner I'll tell everyone!

Belinda aka ChibiCannibalGurl85

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
5:37 pm
If I ever get diagnosed with a terminal disease, I'm not going to tell anyone. I'd burn everything I had, and sell everything I could, and disappear with the money to the best of my ability. I would use the money to get some house out in the middle of nowhere with a massive kitchen and a dungeon. I would purchase all manner of cooking equipment, ingrediants, painkillers, drugs, wine, and BDSM gear. I would set it up all perfectly. Then, I would send out invitations to the select few women I would trust and love with all my heart, and invite them to my farewell dinner. These would have to be chosen very carefully, those who would go through with it and never speak of it again. I currently only have a couple of candidates, and I am wary of them. I hope that I'll have enough time to find more. Fuck being buried or cremated. Eat me.
Monday, December 26th, 2005
6:10 pm
In the spirit of the season...sort of...
Christmas Dinner (Cannibal Redux)
(Original here.

And it came to pass on a Christmas evening
While all the doors were shuttered tight
Outside standing, lonely man-child
Cold and shivering in the night

On the street, every window
Save but one, was gleaming bright
And to this window walked the man-child
Peeking in saw, candle light

Through other windows he had looked at turkeys
Ducks and geese, cherry pies
But through this window saw a dark-haired lady
Table bare and tears in her eyes

Into his coat reached the man-child
Knowing well there was little there
He took from his pocket,
his own Christmas dinner
A bit of cheese, some bread to share

His outstretched hands
held the food and they trembled
As the door, it opened wide
Said he, Would you share with me Christmas dinner
Gently said she, Come inside

The dark-haired lady brought forth to the table
Glasses two and her last drop of wine
Said she, Here's a toast to everyone's Christmas
and especially, yours and mine

And it came to pass on that Christmas evening
When the oven door was shuttered tight
That in that town, the happiest Christmas
Was shared by candle light

That lady she smiled as she bit into the meat,
of his roast arse, if I may be so rude
Silently thanking Jesus for her good fortune,
for providing such gullible food.
Friday, December 16th, 2005
2:39 pm
Lately I've been trying to figure out the origins of my cannibalism fetish. I keep remembering incidents further and further back of me thinking about it. The most distant must have been when I was really small, like less than ten, cause I can remember fantasising about being eaten by the snake in the Jungle Book, which seems more of a vore-type thing. But it's interesting.

I get the impression that a lot of those real cannibals who go off the deep end must have repressed their fantasies for years. Probably a bad move, except maybe for Issei Sagawa.
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
4:59 pm
I have noticed that there seems to be a far greater number of male cannibalism enthusiasts, and a disproportionate number of gay ones. I wonder whether or not it's simply that chicks are less likely to publicise it, or maybe gay cannibals are more widely publicised (and more often caught when they are in real life) by the omg-shock-horror media. Tis quite strange though.
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